What’s More Important Than Slots?

Approximately one in every three Canadians is hooked on casino games and the internet is awash with guides, testimonials and reviews of online casinos and their games. But there’s a lot more to online gambling than slots.

When it comes to slot games, design and storylines are important but there is also a lot that goes into making the game fun to play. Attractive themes, designs and symbols that are eye-catching to the player help keep them engaged, especially when a random event triggers a bonus or free spin.

To build a successful slot game, your business must understand the market and conduct research to identify its needs. A good starting point is to create a prototype. This prototype, or minimum viable product (MVP), allows you to showcase your game idea and determine if it is feasible to develop. This will give you an initial understanding of the slot game and help you understand what features need to be included.

When a slot machine pays out, the theoretical percentage is calculated by multiplying the odds of a given outcome over an infinite number of plays. However, there can be many variations within a short time span, such as consecutive streaks of tails on coin flips. These fluctuations can be significant enough to dramatically affect the total return to a player. To mitigate these variances, casinos limit the amount they increase their house edge on slot machines. They do not want to kill the golden goose by raising prices too much, as they could lose customers to competitors with lower price structures.

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