Are You a Slot?


If you’re someone who loves gadgets and has trouble living without them, you may be a SLOT. There are many reasons why someone might fall into this category, but let’s take a closer look. First of all, it’s easy to recognize a SLOT in an urban teenager: they’re often a girl or guy who loves to play video games and is constantly looking for the latest and greatest gadget. So if you fall into this category, here’s how to spot one:

First, a slot is a narrow opening or groove, either of which can be used to receive things or place them. A slot can also refer to an organization’s position. It can be an unmarked space in an ice rink between the face-off circles. Lastly, a slot is a perfect place to get some work done, especially if you’re working late. And, for the record, if you’re a nerd, you may even work in one yourself.

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